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Books : "I Cease Not to Yowl" Reannotated: New Notes on the Pound/Agresti Correspondence's Price: $35.99
as of 02/21/2020 09:48 EST
Books : Conservatism, the Right Wing, and the Far Right [four-volume set]: A Guide to Archives's Price: $450.00
as of 02/21/2020 09:48 EST
Books : Conservatism, the Right Wing, and the Far Right: A Guide to Archives: Vol. IV: Index
List Price: $136.00's Price: $112.43
You Save: $23.57 (17%)
as of 02/21/2020 09:48 EST
Books : Vampirella (Magazine 1969-1983) (Issues) (50 Book Series)'s Price: $118.50
as of 02/21/2020 09:48 EST
Books : Vampirella Archives (Collections) (15 Book Series)'s Price: $224.85
as of 02/21/2020 09:48 EST
Vampirella Archives (Collections) (15 Book Series)
by: Various, Archie Goodwin, Dennis O'Neil, Steve Englehart, Esteban Maroto, Jose Gonzalez, Richard Corben, Nebot, Pat Boyette, Jose Bea, Luis Garcia, Auraleon, Bill Dubay, Luis Dominguez, Felix Mas, Jerry Grandenetti, L.M. Roca, Martin Pasko, Don Glut, Doug Moench, Len Wein, Dube, J.R. Cochran, Steve Skeates, Jake Jacobson, Kevin Pagan, Nicola Cuti, Ed Newsome, Jim Stenstrum, Robert Rosen, W. Eaton, George Henderson, James Crawford, Lynn Marron, Jose Toutain, Flaxman Loew, Bruce Bezaire, Jeff Jones, Budd Lewis, Bordeau, Rich Margopoulos, Fernando Fernandez, Gerry Boudreau, Victor Mora, Bruce Jones, Roger McKenzie, Jan Strnad, Flaxman Lowe, Cary Bates, T. Casey Brennan, Marc Laidlaw, Bob Toomey, Michael Fleisher, Chris Adames, Jean Michel Martin, Pierce Askegren, Laurie Sutton, John Lakey, Val Lakey, Laura Buscemi, David Allikas, Donald McGregor
September 18, 2018
Books : Creepy Comics (Issues) (24 Book Series)'s Price: $47.76
as of 02/21/2020 09:48 EST
Creepy Comics (Issues) (24 Book Series)
by: Dan Braun, Joe Harris, Mike Woods, Neil Kleid, Dave Sims, Joe R. Lansdale, Mike Baron, Cody Goodfellow, Craig Haffner, Doug Moench, Nicola Cuti, Bill Morrison, Otto Binder, Benjamin Truman, David Lapham, Timothy Truman, Alice Henderson, Archie Goodwin, Christopher Taylor, Keith Lansdale, Martin Salvador, Bruce Jones, Jeff Parker, Rick Geary, Doselle Young, Emily Carroll, Peter Bagge, Franchesco, Jim Keegan, John Arcudi, Bob Jenney, Ruth Keegan, H.P. Lovecraft, Alisa Kwitney, Gilbert Hernandez, Jamie S. Rich, J. Torres, Matthew Allison, Richard Corben, Ron Marz, Cullen Bunn, Esposito, Josh Simmons, Bill Parente, Matthew Southworth, Ray Fawkes, Alex de Campi, Rachel Deering, Ted Naifeh, Paul Tobin, Corinna Sara Bechko, Fred Van Lente, Len Wein, Gary Kaufman, Ivan Cohen, Richard P. Clark, Jan Strnad, Kelly Thompson, Vera Greentea, Damon Gentry, Jai Nitz, Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein
September 18, 2018
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