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The heavenly vision and other writings of Jachiel Hirschlein (THE RABBIS SERIES OF JEWISH MESSIANIC TESTIMONY)


 : The heavenly vision and other writings of Jachiel Hirschlein (THE RABBIS SERIES OF JEWISH MESSIANIC TESTIMONY)

Binding: Kindle Edition
Edition: 1
Format: Kindle eBook
Languages: EnglishPublished
Number Of Pages: 37
Publication Date: December 31, 2017
Release Date: December 31, 2017

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Product Description:
Before his baptism in Zurich in 1746, Jachiel Hirschlein preached for more than a decade in the synagogues of south and western Germany and Alsace, causing many Jews to turn from spiritual neglect and observe more closely the prescripts of the rabbinic faith. On studying the Hebrew Prophets in his youth, Hirschlein once confessed publically that Jesus of Nazareth was the true Messiah. But he quickly renounced his former conclusion and in a state of severe penitence devoted himself all the more to rabbinic Judaism. Early in 1746 when Hirschlein was relocating to Alsace to start a Jewish orphanage, he was apprehended by a vision from heaven that led promptly to his conversion (as he understood it) and baptism.
This is an English translation of the German and Dutch editions of the account that Hirschlein wrote up of the remarkable circumstances that brought him from Jewish rabbi to Christian proselyte, and also of his prayers and other writings. It includes a short biography redacted from the Dutch edition, which in turn was based on various reports and letters of Johann Heinrich Callenberg of the Institutum Judaicum in Halle.
Hirschlein’s testimony is full of the uncompromising purity of original Christianity, founded on the resurrection hope, and focussed on the believer’s inheritance in the world to come. It speaks from the vantage point of one who is unaffected by the human traditions of the various Christian schisms or by denominational dogma, and yet is steeped in the revelation, idiom and prophecies of the Hebrew Scriptures. Such a perspective is usual to the Jewish convert or believer, and makes his story at once wonderful, inspiring, and compelling.
This publication is part of an ongoing effort to promote access to the stories and writings of men who once held the office, or were honoured among the Jews with the title of ‘rabbi’, and then confessed Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah.


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