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The Religion of the Hebrews: Handbooks on the History of Religions, Vol. 5


 : The Religion of the Hebrews: Handbooks on the History of Religions, Vol. 5

Binding: Hardcover
Label: Ginn and Company
Languages: EnglishPublished
Manufacturer: Ginn and Company
Number Of Pages: 502
Publication Date: 1914
Publisher: Ginn and Company
Studio: Ginn and Company

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A knowledge of the religion of the Hebrews is of prime importance not only to the professed believer in religion but also to the student of civilization, for religion plays a large part in the history of civilization. In the broader sense of religion, the religion of the Hebrews was partner with the religions of Greece, Italy, and the Teutons in the creation of the religious-cultural-humane element of our civilization. In the narrower sense of religion, the religion discussed in this volume is the parent of the dominant religion of our civilization. The religion of the Hebrews produced two great world religions, Christianity and Islam, the most vitally aggressive and the most universal of all religions, and a third, national, religion, Judaism, circumscribed in size though not in space by its racial character, but playing a part quite out of proportion to the number of its adherents. Considered critically, merely as a phenomenon, the religion of the Hebrews is of peculiar interest because we are able to trace its development from the rudest beginnings to the completed form with an accuracy and precision possible in the case of no other religion. Hence it becomes practically the norm for the study of other religions, throwing light on their origins and the methods of their growth to a degree greater than they do on it or on one another. This absorbing account of the religion of Israel represents Volume 5 in the "Handbooks on the History of Religions" series.


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