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By Kieran Trass The Housing Bubble [Paperback]


 : By Kieran Trass The Housing Bubble [Paperback]

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Label: Penguin Books
Languages: EnglishPublished
Manufacturer: Penguin Books
Publication Date: December 17, 2008
Publisher: Penguin Books
Studio: Penguin Books

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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
Confused by the media headlines about your housing market? Unsure about the impacts on the real estate cycle of legislative amendments or interest rate changes? Do you know what real estate investment strategies to use throughout the real estate cycle? When is it a good time to buy or sell? What drives the real estate cycle and what are simply influencer's that cloud general perception of the cycles progress? This is a MUST read book if you are serious about making money from real estate and gaining a 'knowledge advantage' by understanding the real estate cycle. Trass has undertaken in-depth research into what drives the real estate cycle and found a basket of Key Drivers that clearly indicate the cycles progress and can be used to ascertain the precise timing of the cycles progression through the consistently repeating pattern of the 3 major phases of Boom, Slump and Recovery that real estate markets adhere to. The author reveals historic data for real estate cycles in the USA, Australia, NZ and UK and has pulled back the curtain on what is REALLY driving the real estate housing markets. Unique analysis content. Author has LIMITED NEW SIGNED copies for sale. Reviews "This is an excellent and enlightening read. It's so easy to be confused about where we are in a real estate cycle, especially when no one can seem to agree. But everything seems so clear after reading this book. This is now on my Top 5 Must Read Books for every real estate investor. Great book and for those out there who love data you'll eat up the research in this book. But not to worry - there are plenty of graphs and summary tables to make it really easy to get the critical points digested easily." JulzB "Great book that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in property investing, there is original material here that I have not seen presented by any other similar author and so offers a unique and very interesting view into the subject." Alan Longbon


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