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Living Gods: Stargate System Lords (Stargate Sg-1)


 : Living Gods: Stargate System Lords (Stargate Sg-1)

Binding: Paperback
Brand: Brand: Alderac Entertainment Group
EAN: 9781594720178
ISBN: 1594720177
Item Dimensions: 109084030
Label: Alderac Entertainment Group
Languages: EnglishPublishedEnglishOriginal LanguageEnglishUnknown
Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
Number Of Items: 1
Number Of Pages: 176
Publication Date: February 15, 2004
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Studio: Alderac Entertainment Group

  • Softcover book
  • Bagged and boarded

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Product Description:
Their names echo through the ancient tales, sending shivers down the spine. Cronus. Apophis. Kali the Destroyer. Beings of power and cruelty, petty gods who lived only to destroy. For centuries we thought they were the stuff of legends -- myths our ancestors told to keep the shadows at bay. But when the Stargate was uncovered from the sands of Giza, we learned otherwise. They called themselves "Goa'ulds," alien parasites who hid themselves within possessed human hosts. This is the comprehensive sourcebook for the Goa'uld and their minions. It is intended to provide Stargate RPG players with a plethora of worthy villains as well as giving key background information which expands and develops details from the show. Contained within is an overview of the three great Goa'uld Dynasties -- a timeline charting their rise to power, their periods of dominance, and their recent struggles against the Tauri. It also includes information on the Goa'uld homeworld, on the primitive "pseudo-Goa'uld" found there, and on the savage Unas who served as their original hosts. Additionally, it contains an alphabetical breakdown of 19 of the most powerful System Lords in existence, from the unspeakable Anubis to the wily Yu. All of the major Goa'uld from the TV show -- living and dead -- are covered, as well as a few new System Lords who have never been seen anywhere else. Each entry contains a history and personality of the Lord in question (including character statistics), breakdowns of his or her most prominent followers and other pertinent NPCs, and several planets under his or her sway. More materials included are new species, new specialties, new feats and equipment, and new classes with a distinct Goa'uld feel. For GMs wishing to play a System Lord, including are role-playing tips, new Goa'uld-only prestige classes, and an innovative new "System Lord Construction" system allowing GMs to build an entire empire for characters to tear down.


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